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Sonofmarketing is not a traditional webzine or music newspaper. Sonofmarketing is a nonprofit project, a place where everyone can express himself and his opinion freely about good music without category, styles and popularity limits. We recommend good music from 2010 and we are not professional writers. Only the passion drives our work.

There is a lot of good music. We focus only on that. Negative Writing is not our mission. Things that we don’t like, we don’t talk about it at all.

Writing Contribution: We always look for new editors and writers from all over the world. If you have interest to contribute to Sonofmarketing, please write to [email protected] Requirements: Passion and Great Love for Music, Good English Language Knowledge, Some free time to write.

Music Submission, Advertising or other requests: please write to [email protected] or  fill out the form below

If you like what we do, please support us. Help us to to make sure that our “flow” continues to happen. Thank you for your support.

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