Dalila Kayros is an Italian composer and singer. Her music is is based on experimental  textures and the exploration of her voice. She has released a new album called Animami which is out now via Subsound Records. According to the press release, it is about discovering the dark side of the mind as an endless path of inner transformation. The ANIMAMI album embodies an exploration path into consciousness facing all shadows hidden inside. From the deep black sea to the dawn of a new transmutation. Animàmi” is the name of the shadows, entities living in the unconscious and forming a chaotic matter melted with thought and emotions.

They are vanishing but visible and capable of appearing in multiple shapes. The ANIMAMI journey is about meeting with the shadow, so through a magical rite, the unintegrated part of the self gets merged into a more complex totality.

Listen below and check this awesome list with 10 artists and tracks which have inspired her music.


Mysteries of the Macabre (György Ligeti) w/Barbara Hannigan. This piece is crazy! Complex, beautiful and strong. It changes my life forever! I think this is one of my big influences ever. The interpretation of Barbara Hannigan is powerful and brilliant, her voice is perfect and Ligeti’s composition is something beyond. She is both a soloist soprano and director, the performance is extraordinary and mad, I love it!

Nyman – Miserere. This piece blew my mind in my early 20s. The whole movie is awesome but the extreme drama in this excerpt was something that resonates whit my deep feelings. The white voice of the child is beautiful and terrific at the same time. He’s singing a complex and elevated song surrounded by a degraded situation in both social and spiritual. The sound of his voice is the only hope to keep himself safe from inner death.

Skunk Anansie – Charlie Big Potato. I think ‘Charlie Big Potato’ was my first love in childhood. The way how Skin combines delicate and aggressive vocals is such an amazing thing. When I was 13 years old, Skunk Anansie opens a door in my mind so I start looking for more weird, more complex, less poppish.

Scott Walker – Corps De Blah. ‘Bish Bosh’ is a gem. I listen to it lots of times. One night I was driving home slowly on an empty street in the middle of the fields listening to Bish Bosh. I was alone with Scott Walker’s music and the dark night when a big owl appears like a spirit flying in front of me! So scary and beautiful! Everything was just perfect like a movie: the music, the fields, the night and the owl. The music draws our life as humans and has an important role in designing the context we’re involved in. Think about it!

Holly Herndon – An Exit. The album ‘Platform’ is completely stunning, it gave me a new perspective on rhythm. I love abstract and destructured compositions. I listen to it lots of times, trying to recompose the ‘music puzzle’ she made. She’s an artist and a sound researcher. I Love her!

Portishead – Roads. The minimalism of Portishead hides a veiled complexity. The strongest thing I perceive in their music is the heavy charge of emotion expressed by Beth Gibbons. She is one of my favourite singers, she is honest and brave in expressing herself entirely. Love Portishead a lot!

Björk – Crystalline. She is the mother of everything! The album Biophilia is my favourite. When I discover it, my mind and my soul just flew beyond the universe!

Diamanda Galàs – Sono L’Anticristo. She teaches me a way to explore the whole range of my voice in both terms of technic and spiritual. I was in my early 20s studying Jazz singing, searching for something new and different, so Galàs gave me a new perspective regarding vocal work. As my voice works in the soprano range, very high, listening to Diamanda Galàs’s music, helped me find a way to improve my lower pitch.

Sevdaliza – That Other Girl. She was one of my favourite life soundtracks in 2019. I was composing songs like ‘Umbra’ and ‘Buio’ so my needing for slow beats drives me toward Sevdaliza’s music. I felt a beautiful connection with her music, especially with songs like ‘That Other Girl’.


Fever Ray – When I Grow Up. I love her way to be so unique, this is so inspiring. There’s a veiled aggressiveness in her sweet voice, a kind of ancient energy, something animal and wild that I appreciate a lot.