German Düsseldorf-based composer Orson Hentschel has released a new album called Heavy Light which is out now via Denovali Records. According to the press release, it consists of three parts – a 3-channel film installation, a visual live – performance and the album itself. Hentschel expands the format of the conventional album to an audiovisual experience by merging elements of film, dance and music in a synthesis of arts. The project evolved in the time of Corona, which first affected him visually when the city (Berlin) turned into a ghost town during the first lockdown. Light became the most vibrant element in the city, which influenced both picture and sound. Metallic, sometimes harsh and electrifying, surroundings of the urban life are landscaped into eclectic pulses.

Listen below and check this awesome list with 5 artists and tracks which hjave inspired his music.

Actress – Purple Splazsh. I had the chance to share the stage with him at the Ruhrtriennale in 2017. At that time his music didn’t really speak to me. Now I think he is a genius – without doubt.

Lichens – M St R Ng W Tchcr Ft L V Ng N Sp R T. Love the mood of that song, it can goes forever…

Phew – CQ Tokyo. Light Sleep is a masterpiece. I bought a lot of vintage drum machines because of her, but recently sold all of them again. There is so much beauty in all that noise she creates.

Can – Oh Yeah. Although I don’t really listen to Can, if it comes to mix my own music, I often listen to Can. It’s very inspiring how Conny Plank places the different elements of music in the stereo field.

Laurel Halo – Nahbarkeit. She has a really good taste for aesthetics and for combining sounds to create her rich textures in which I really can loose myself. Her album Raw Silk Uncut Wood is a bless.