Planet Opal is an italian electronic music project comprised  of Giorgio Assi (producer, synths and voice) and Leonardo De Franceschi (drums and percussion). Born from a journey around Corse in 2018, they design sequences of bliss inspired by the New York dance-punk and post-disco scene combining it with a kraut-rock surrealism. They have been part of MENT festival in Lubiana.

Listen below and check a playlist from the duo with tracks and artists which have inspired their music.


Giorgio Assi’s favourites


Marc Houle – Undercover. Marc is one of my first love since I entered the electronic club music realm. One of the heads behind minus and then founder of one of my fav ever record label Items&Things. Their approach to the music for clubs was so visionary,  that at the time they struggled a bit I think and then, suddenly they stop releasing music. This song made a lot of my nights when I was younger (and really high) in the clubs.

Thursday Afternoon – Brian Eno. A 61 minutes of droning and piano licking, looped in an odd loop. Listen to this while you’re having a hot bath and meditate, feels like silk all over your body and soul.

Ich bin meine Machine – Atom TM. One of the most prolific and talented artists in the electronic scene. I think that the semplicity behind the idea of the song is stunning, he basically shouts frequency in hertz and then he shot it out from the speakers for the whole build up and then the groove comes in. Wirklich Deutsch!

Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath. I had a crush for the whole hippie movement, Hendrix, Santana, Greatful Dead ecc.. Black Sabbath are definitely not one of those hippie group but this song is definitely the soundtrack for an acid trip. The lyrics are so magical, it all comes down, very slowly, to that sentence: “As we travel, through the universe”.

Goodnight Transmission – Soulwax. Clearly one of our main inspirations, the Deewale Brothers close the record with this song, chanting the mantra: “There is so much bullshit coming out of your mouth”. I can relate!


Leonardo De Franceschi ‘s favourites 

Dum Dum – Nate Smith. People like to dance after all… and you don’t need much: just a kick drum, a hi-hat and a snare drum.

E  Talking – Soulwax. When I discovered this track in 2005, I was dazzled. Soulwax melted together everything I like about hard rock and punk with what I was just starting to get excited about: electronic music. Visionaries, pioneers and idols.

Dance Yourself Clean – LCD Soundsystem. The first time I listened to this track, I was struck by its duality; the peace and chill atmosphere, at 3.05 becomes pure energy and desire to let loose.

Settle Down- The 1975. One of the most innovative bands of recent years. And with this groove I can’t sit still!

Ghost On The Dancefloor – Blink 182. As a drummer, Travis Barker is a constant source of inspiration. Although Neighbourhoods is not Blink 182’s most representative album, I am very fond of this track because it helped me go through a very tough time in my life.