London-based producer, DJ, and promoter Saoirse is back with a follow up to her critically acclaimed and hugely welcomed debut solo release on her new imprint trUst Recordings. Two Bruised Egos is the new EP which is out now.

According to the press release, there’s a sense of fun and playfulness to Saoirse’s productions, always primed and ready for those big dancefloor moments. ‘Two Bruised Egos’ is full of energy from the euphoria of ‘Gentle Romance’, the vibrancy of ‘Can’t We Just Have Fun’ to the bouncy, mind-melting anthem ‘Chubby’, the EP gradually builds in tension and captures that dancefloor release we have all been waiting for. It’s another marker of a huge upcoming year for the Irish tastemaker.

Trust is one of the key foundations of safety, within yourself and with others. Vital for good health and happiness. The inception of trUst Recordings was finally being able to trust in one’s own ability. Trust in music made for dancefloors. Trust in its simplicity yet importance. This label founded by Saoirse will be asking those who she trusts, herself, her friends and her most loved producers to join the label as collaborators and solo artists.

Listen below.