Isolated Pieces is an album conceived by composer, curator and producer Colin Riley. According to the press release, It is unique epic album of 18 tracks involving 27 artists who have all contributed fragments to the jigsaw puzzle of the album independently.

Still no one knows who else is involved and how they are connected to one another! The full Album being released 25th February 2022 and all money is going towards the charity Youth Music. The contributors come from many diverse musical backgrounds and ages. This community of musicians acting as a virtual orchestra is at the heart of the project. The process has been to engage in new creative territory, and along the way to explore fresh ideas around what music is about at its core – connectedness.

All proceeds going to support the charity Youth Music. This organisation, like all the contributors to this album, believes that every young  person should have the chance to change their life through music. 

The band is made up of Savannah Roberts, Elisabeth Nygard, Melanie Pappenheim, Jeremy Avis, Ben See, Kimarne Henry, Benjamin Zephaniah, Daljit Nagra, Georgia Cooke, Andy Hall, Mandhira de Saram, Nic Pendlebury, Natalie Rosario, Steve Hackett, Rich Perks, Ruth Goller, Dave Smith, Stephen Hiscock, Gen Wilkins, Liam Noble, Roger King, Jeevan Rai, Spenser Buckley, Reuben Kyriakides, Ben Jarlett, James Waterworth.

Today we have the pleasure to share a new video for the track “Most of My Day” which features Ben See (voice), Natalie Rozario (cello), Steve Hackett (electric guitar), Ruth Goller (bass), Liam Noble (piano). Watch it below.