On January 20th, 2022 we turned 12 years as a webzine. We won’t be able again to celebrate with a live show, and we thought of something different. The second edition Isolation Tales Festival is a streaming event that is the follow-up of our series Isolation Portrait – Live From Home, focused on electronic textures and experimental paths in musicWe will host, from February 21st to 27th, 2022, 22 different artists and 22 live sessions recorded live from their homes or studios.

We are glad to announce the full lineup: Alex Mackay, Andy Aquarius, Cemento Atlantico, Cerdidwen McCoeey, Dae Kim, Daigo Hanada, DJECO, Flica, Gintsugi, Hollie Kenniff, Julian Zyklus, Louise Weseth, Martina Claussen, Michael Anklin, Pleine Lvne, Prim, Regno Maggiore, Sacrobosco, Sea Change, Snowdrops, Victoria Mussi and V-Stók.

The live sessions will be shared on our facebook page, IGTV and our website. Full program and timetables will be revealed on February 11th. Check the official event here.