Oùat is a Berlin based trio comprised of Simon Sieger (piano), Joel Grip (bass) and Michael Griener (drums); they that found its origins in instinctive moments cast over the front and rear windows of jazz history. Elastic Bricks is their debut albm which is out now via Paris baded collective Umlaut Records. 

According to the press release, On their home ground in Berlin (Au Topsi Pohl) they have performed the music of Ellington, Hasaan Ibn Ali, Elmo Hope, Per Henrik Wallin and Sun Ra. Their debut album of strictly original material, Elastic Bricks, might remind you of Hindemith’s dream holiday in Tangier. Sounds and tempi in a strange mix of recognisable disarray and unrecognisable order.

Oùat (Once upon a time) is collective storytelling, about what, where, and at, bringing forth questions about being when and where. Its members play revolving roles in the creative music scenes in Europe, from Marseille to Dala-Floda via Berlin. Their individual work encompass groups like Monks Casino, [ahmed], and Art Ensemble of Chicago. 

Listen below.