Agate Rollings are an Italian experimental electronic ambient duo comprised of Alessandro Sgarito and Stefano Gallone. They are back with a new album called Meantime / Elsewhere which is out now via Midira Records. They explain:

“Meantime / Elsewhere” is sort of a concept album which explains a nocturnal inner journey through sounds. The focus of the concept is a human being who is wandering aimlessly through the streets of a great metropolis at night, separating his being here and now from his real will about his desired earthly existence. Each step through the city – and beyond the horizon of its desolate suburbs – corresponds with a reflection on the state of things in a material reality that increasingly thins the boundaries with the inner reality of the subject. Each song is associated with a title that reports a physical position during the nocturnal journey or a specific reflection on the inner condition generated by the place or state of mind of the individual at that particular moment. The reflections coming from the inner condition of the subject of the trip are collected on a dedicated website.

Check an excerpt below.